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Bytesafe® Cybersecurity delivers innovative technology for the Blockchain and DeFi industry to combat today's cyber security threats while preparing for tomorrow's.
Penetration Testing
Smart Contract Auditing
KYC Service

Smart Contract Audit

Bytesafe® provides high-quality audits for smart contracts and blockchain-related code. Our industry-leading audit methodology identifies vulnerabilities and provides recommendations on how to fix them.


No Security Vulnerabilities

Helps to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

User Confidence

Helps to minimize the likelihood of fraud and losses

No Bugs

Helps to deliver software with no errors

Project Awareness

Helps to become visible to potential customers. Report will be published on our Github and socia media channels

Audit Process

Step 1

Send source code

Step 2

Receive a quote

Step 3

Begin audit

Step 4

Get remediation recommendations

Step 5

Fix critical vulnerabilities

Step 6

Get final report

KYC (Know Your Customer) Service

Privacy is a high priority in the crypto market and many project owners do not want to reveal their identity for a variety of reasons. However, trust is a critical success factor for crypto projects. Therefore, a completed KYC process is hugely important for project owners who want to remain anonymous, but still want to prove their legitimacy to potential customers and be successful. Bytesafe® provides a solution to this by offering an approved KYC service. Project owners receive a tamper-proof certificate upon completion and can thus prove the legitimacy of their project and their team to potential customers.

Better reputation

A KYC certificate gives your project credibility

Data confidentiality

Bytesafe uses highest security standards to ensure that all data is protected from unintentional, unlawful or unauthorized access, disclosure or theft.

Maximum reliability

Bytesafe uses state-of-the-art validation algorithms


Each KYC certificate contains a unique code with which the certificate can be checked for authenticity.

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Bytesafe is a leading cybersecurity company with focus on blockchain security. It was founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for Web 3.0 and DeFi. Bytesafe provides a wide range of services for businesses operating in the crypto market.

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